Max Garza - A Dedicated Portland Pastor

A faith leader, Pastor Max Garza provides spiritual guidance and support to members of the Victory Outreach Church in Portland, Oregon. His leadership of the church entails delivering sermons, teaching the scriptures, training fellow leaders, and counseling members of the church. During his time with Victory Outreach, Pastor Max Garza has played a key role in developing and executing initiatives that benefit the local community. For instance, he established faith-based men’s and women’s homes that assist individuals impacted by alcohol and drug dependence issues. To honor his contributions, the Northwest Christian Community Foundation recognized him with the Christian Servants Award and the city of Portland granted him its Gang Violence Prevention Award.

In his private life, Max Garza enjoys learning timeless wisdom from the Bible and reading modern inspirational nonfiction like the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. For entertainment, he watches classic films starring such iconic actors as Robert Redford, Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro. A world traveler, he has visited a variety of foreign destinations, ranging from Venezuela to Canada.  

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